When you have to face some restructuring operations, a central factors that influences the functional and aesthetics results of our project is, without any doubt of the choices of internal doors. In order to move towards the wide ranges of commercial solutions we can classify them according to the materials of the inner structure and the external finish, then we will find solid and wood doors as well as finishes in the wood, glass or laminated doors.

  1. Laminated doors are different in designs, structures and external finish.
  2. Laminated doors structures are made using different technologies such as blockboard or double-panel wood.
  3. Blockboard woods are perpendicularly-glued wooden strips for long-lastings stability. This technology is used to produce profile.
  4. Double-panel woods are sandwich structure with light interior.
  5. The external finish is made using laminated or sincroporo laminated materials.
  6. Laminate is a thin sheet of scratch-proof synthetic materials reproducing wood pattern, grain, colour and pores.
  7. This materials is easy to clean and resistant to wear.
  8. Materials is a rich synthetic finish, the tactile effect of its surface is similar to the grain of brushed woods, is scratch-proof and it comes in five different colours.